Beach Walk, unlike usual shopping mall in Indonesia, not many provide beach view from mall. This the uniqueness of this mall. Modern design with beautiful garden and pool. The walkway at the roof top is awesome which is highly recommended before sunset. The view of the sea is incredible. 

Many good brand and western shops here. A tourist from Australia said that prices tend to be cheaper than Australia and some shops aren't even in Australia, which is good for those special Bali buys. Good day in Kuta and the shopping centre itself is beautiful. 
I love this part of the Mall
in front of the mall
This is Kuta Beach, one of the most Beach in Indonesia. Nice long beach.  I think everyone know Bali from this Beach. Kuta beach is a nice beach if you are beginner in surfing as the waves and area not too dangerous. You also can do some activities like sun bathing, swimming or just walking along the beach. 

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